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Case study

Inflatable Obstacle Course entertains children waiting to embark on Arthur’s Seat Eagle Gondola




Custom-designed Inflatable obstacle course

Arthur's Seat Eagle

Dromana, Victoria


Custom-designed Inflatable obstacle course


Arthur's Seat Eagle


Dromana, Victoria

Inflatable obstacle courses can be custom-designed to any size and configuration and are an excellent way to transform spaces quickly into exciting activity centres for children.

Arthurs Seat is the highest point on the Mornington Peninsula and offers breathtaking views of Melbourne’s South-Eastern Suburbs, Port Phillip Bay and Melbourne’s Stunning skyline. The Arthurs Seat Eagle is an aerial gondola system that carries passengers from the Dromana Base Station over Arthur’s State Park to the summit over 300 meters above.

In addition to offering exciting gondola rides, The Arthurs Seat Eagle offers a unique, multi-site environment where teachers and students can immerse themselves in place-based learning.

Unique challenge and opportunity:

Often, groups of arriving children would accumulate at the Dromana base, waiting for their peers to arrive before mounting the gondolas for the summit. The management team was looking for an activity to entertain the excited youngsters while they anticipated the exciting ride to the summit.

The opportunity

At the end of each service day, all 34 gondolas are meticulously stored indoors at the base in Dromana and rolled out the next day, leaving a substantial unused indoor area available during operational hours. Recognizing the potential of this available space, the Eagle Team sought ways to optimize it and create a more engaging waiting experience for the children, enhancing their overall visit to The Arthurs Seat Eagle.

The Design and Fabrication

The space is industrial and filled with iron, steel, and machinery, so it must be transformed and made completely safe for children within minutes.

The Eagle Team contacted Giant Inflatables to design an inflatable obstacle course that could be quickly inflated and made operational before opening and quickly uninstalled to make the space available for the gondolas at the end of the day.

After several site visits and a collaborative design process, the custom design was finalized and featured exciting graphics and branding throughout the inflatable.  The theme of the gondola was front and centre, and the top of the slide of the inflatable obstacle course, which represented the peak of Author’s Seat, was fashioned as a gondola, which completed the branding story.


The result

Giant Inflatables delivered, installed and trained the Arthur’s Seat Eagle team to safely and efficiently set up and take down the inflatable daily.  The inflatable obstacle course will offer years of service, adding value to the visitor’s experience while providing a positive multi-generational brand impression of the overall operation.

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