Inflatable Games

Giant Inflatable games bring big fun, excitement and interaction to community and sporting events, activity centres and fundraisers.

An absolute favourite, inflatable games encourage people of all ages to participate and mingle with others in a social, festive environment. The nature and spirit of Giant Inflatables inspire awe and enchantment as children are mesmerized by the exaggerated size of traditional games.

Inflatable games are the pinnacle of fan engagement and are always welcome at community events. Branded giant inflatable games are an ideal marketing tool for brands looking for ways to increase their presence at a local community level and connect with residents.

Giant Inflatables has decades of experience designing inflatable games to draw on with a wide variety of games to inspire you.

Alternatively, we have a team of motivated industrial design engineers who are always excited to collaborate with you and incorporate your unique ideas, brand requirements and marketing objectives, bringing your vision to life.

  • Community events

  • Pre-game fan engagement

  • Giveaway challenges

  • Outdoor markets

  • Shopping malls

  • Sports events


Kids of all ages love to kick or throw balls at the five-meter Velcro target usually reserved for darts.

Classic Catches allow kids to dive for balls without worrying about the rough landing, allowing them to experience the thrill of flying through the air while making a catch worthy of the history books.

Skill Zones combine elements from multiple inflatable games into one magnificent inflatable, it’s the swiss army knife of inflatable games.
Brand Activation and Marketing
Brand managers and marketing agencies are constantly exploring advertising mediums to link their brands with healthy lifestyle choices and integrate effectively with high-value sponsorships. Inflatable Games are a perfect branding medium as they promote physical activity, socialization and a sense of community. These are values parents can get behind, and savvy brands know the value of that association.
Giant Inflatables custom designs inflatable games
Many national and international brands use giant inflatable games as part of their brand activation marketing initiatives.
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