Giant Inflatables have been creating brand activation products for the past 25 years.

Giant Inflatables have been creating brand activation products for the past 25 years.

Brand activation is an event, campaign, or any interaction where a company drives customer participation. Brand activation aims to generate a positive brand experience, build a lasting relationship with the target audience, and develop customer loyalty.

A giant inflatable brand activation product is your best option when your objective is to attract an audience, encourage participation and leave a lasting impression.

There are a number of brand activation options to suite your location and event.

Misting Tents and Tunnels provide you with an opportunity to refresh your target audience during hot Aussie summers. 

Giant Inflatable Arches can represent the start or finish lines, creating lasting impressions for race participants and observers, or designate a clear entry point or exit to or from an activity area or event.

Interactive Games create memories for the children playing inside and brand impressions for their observing parents. 

Giant Inflatable Replicas make exciting backdrops for photos that go viral on social media.

With a giant inflatable activation product, your brand activation starts a kilometre away.

Whether you are promoting your business on a busy thoroughfare, your brand at a significant outdoor event or creating lasting memories in a shopping centre, a giant inflatable product will get you noticed from a distance.

Seeing your massive branded inflatable arch, game, or larger-than-life product replica lets your audience know something exciting is happening long before getting to your event. Your brand is already making an impression through anticipation, and participation.

Giant inflatable brand activation products offer bigger brand impressions.

Inflatable brand activation products create opportunities to enchant, engage and connect emotionally with your target audience through shared experiences, activate your brand and make a lasting impression.

For over two decades, national and international marketing agencies have relied on Giant Inflatables to provide custom-tailored inflatable brand activation products for their coveted clientele.

Inflatable domes and inflatables in general are a wonderful medium to amplify emotion and connect on a human scale when used creatively.

David Abramowitch
Owner / Engineer
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