Giant Inflatables has been producing inflatable products for over 25 years.

1997, it all started with dancing stickmen

Giant Inflatables is a classic Australian business tale where immigration, engineering, and hard work combined, resulting in a solid multi-generational family business.

In 1997 founder David Abramowich, an architect engineer based in South Africa ventured to Melbourne as a young adult.

At the time, dancing stickmen were becoming a popular promotional tool for car dealerships and other roadside businesses looking to garner attention and promote their businesses. David recognized the business opportunity and started importing the popular stickmen from China for resale in the Australian market. 

After the first orders arrived, David quickly realized that he could fabricate a far superior product himself and he put his engineering and industrial operational skills to work while setting up a humble manufacturing space above his father-in-law’s business in the suburbs of Melbourne.

The inflatable dancing stickmen business continued to expand beyond stickmen, and David started receiving requests to supply more prominent rooftop inflatables. Soon they were custom designing giant inflatables of all shapes, forms and sizes and adorning the rooftops of hundreds of businesses Australia-wide. Although slightly less expensive imported products appeared in the Australian market, Giant Inflatables developed a strong reputation for its creations’ quality, engineering expertise, and immediate, personalized attention to customer service.

The new millennium

In the early 2000s, a prominent sporting group began calling on  David’s industrial design expertise to develop sports training equipment. Giant Inflatables started a long-term partnership with the Australian football league (AFL) to produce inflatable sports games as a part of their player development brand activation programs.

At the same time, national brands recognized the value of associating their brands with the exciting aspects of giant inflatables products in the sports events industry and any other community events where brand activation opportunities presented themselves.

David’s sons, Aryn and Michael, have grown up in the family business. After finishing university with a degree in industrial design, Mikael joined David full-time to continue their commitment to innovation and creativity in the inflatables sector.

Since 1997, Giant Inflatables has continued its trajectory to becoming a leader in the inflatable products sector in Australia. You will just as easily find their inflatable products at iconic national sports events, concerts and music festivals as in surf clubs, community markets and sports training facilities.
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