Giant Inflatatable Jumping Castles and Slides

Inflatable jumping castles inspire healthy social and physical activity among children making them an ideal brand activation product for marketers.

For decades, inflatable jumping castles have been a welcome classic attraction to any event, providing endless excitement and activity whenever there are children to entertain.

Few activities capture the imagination and promote participation as a jumping castle. When children play on a jumping castle, they get exercise, communicate and interact with other children, encouraging creativity and healthy interchanges.

Health benefits of inflatable jumping castles

  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Enhance blood circulation and lymphatic movement
  • Encourage social interaction and better mental health

Giant Inflatables takes a classic attraction through innovation, imagination, and technology with extraordinary results. Our team of designers is known Australia-wide for their custom-designed jumping castles. Now children of all ages enjoy jumping castles in any size, style or theme, often incorporating obstacle courses, slides, climbing walls and multiple levels.

Inflatable Slides

Our custom-designed inflatable slides are a fan favourite on their own or incorporated into jumping castles or obstacle courses.

Inflatable jumping castles and slides are a natural brand activation vehicle.

Marketing agencies, brands, sports associations and municipalities enjoy the brand activation opportunities and versatility of jumping castles.

If the marketing objectives change, they can be re-branded, and you can set them up indoors and out, which multiplies the use and exposure, hence the return on investment.

We can print logos on your custom jumping castles or integrate three-dimensional logo cutouts for additional branding impact.

Make an impression at your next public event appearance and stand out with a custom inflatable jumping castle or slide.

  • Community events
  • Shopping centres
  • Sports events
  • Fundraisers
  • Brand activation
Giant Inflatables setup and bumpout services

We're at your and your client's service.

Consider our after-sales service options, tailored especially for our clients in the marketing sector. 

We’ve accumulated a lot of experience over the years and offer several services to help our customers and your clients get the most out of their giant inflatable advertising products and ensure they are continuously operating at their best in the safest environment.

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