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Inflatable product safety is vital during design, fabrication and operation.

Very few activities provide the same level of brand activation as a giant inflatable product. 

The visual impact, combined with the excitement generated through physical participation, creates a lasting brand impression on children and adults.

These impressions can last a lifetime and generate valuable brand loyalty.

Integrating slides into jumping castles ads the challenge of climbing with the excitement of a slide.
While completely safe when operated correctly, savvy event organizers, national brands and sports marketing agencies recognize that inflatable products can lose their marketing advantage if accidents happen.

Due to our equal focus on product quality and safe inflatable operation, we at Giant Inflatables have earned an Australia-wide reputation as a leader in inflatable safety. 

Many national labels trust Giant Inflatables when safety is essential with their brand activation events.

The highest quality materials are essential for inflatable safety.

Giant Inflatables require robust nylon core, pvc coating and the protection from sun and mold

The inflatable product protocol starts with the product itself. We carefully consider every detail of our engineering design and construction methods and a material selection with safety and ease of use being guiding principles.

We use only industrial-grade Uv resistant coated fabrics, PVC-coated nylons, polyesters, and vinyl coatings to ensure the structure’s overall integrity.

We check every element throughout the construction process, including stitching, PVC welding, anchor points, and inflation pressure to provide maximum structural integrity.

Rigorous ISO Testing

At Giant Inflatables, ensuring the quality and safety of our inflatable products is our top priority. We meticulously design and fabricate our inflatables using premium materials and advanced techniques to guarantee years of safe operation.

Our rigorous testing involves subjecting all fabrication materials to real-world conditions, employing destructive load ISO testing. This testing covers integral aspects such as ballast and tie points, ensuring the reliability of our inflatables.

ISO testing holds a pivotal role in our fabrication process. Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 fosters global confidence in our work. It facilitates international trade by enabling the acceptance of test and calibration data between countries without additional testing.

Inflatable Safety Certification

Australian Compliance Laboratory is accredited for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 – Testing. NATA accreditation number 20358. NATA refers to the National Association of Testing Authorities. NATA is a signatory to the ILAC Mutual Recognition Agreement for the mutual recognition of the equivalence of testing, medical testing, calibration, inspection, proficiency testing scheme providers and reference material producers reports and certificates. Unless otherwise stated, the reported tests are not included within the laboratory’s scope of accreditation.

ISO testing at tie points

ISO Tie Point Testing to 1049kg at the Australian Complience Labratory

Secondary inflatable product safety accessories are not an afterthought.

Once we have thoroughly tested your giant inflatable product, we carefully evaluate the needed anchorage points, sailing grade fibre ropes and ballast requirements. We ensure a healthy dose of safety redundancy, considering all environmental factors, especially wind conditions, foot traffic flow and possible hazards.

Quality Blowers

The inflation pressures and blower reliability are critically important to maintain structural integrity. They choose only high-efficiency quality name-brand blowers with proven track records.

In advance of your event, we’ll provide your team with detailed instructions and best practices for the installation, safe operation and Bump-out and care guides for your inflatable product to ensure it will last for years.

Giant Inflatables have 25 years of experience invested in every product we manufacture. We provide every client with the confidence that their visitors leave each event with a long-lasting positive brand impression for years to come.

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