Nothing provides a more noticeable in-person, three-dimensional branding impact than marketing with giant inflatable advertising products.

For over 25 years, Giant Inflatables has been a driving force in advancing the art and technology of using inflatables for advertising in Australia.

We can custom-design your advertising inflatable to any shape or design you can dream of, so the only limit is your creativity. They inflate big in minutes and pack down small when deflated, making them easy to transport and store, and you can use them indoors and out.

No other advertising medium provides this versatility, impact or return on investment.

Unlike billboards, radio, print, or online ads, inflatable advertisement products are re-useable. You can take the same custom-designed giant inflatable advertising product to different events, festivals, or trade shows and promote your business successfully for years to come.

Inflatable advertising products capture the imagination and provide a natural photo backdrop, perfect for selfies and other pictures your customers may share on social media helping to spread your brand online. They are true workhorses pulling you towards your marketing objectives.

Giant inflatable advertising products are highly visible, easy to store, set up and take down.

You can get an inflatable set-up with little effort, and depending on the size of the structure, it may only require one or a few people for installation and set up. For larger inflatable structures, we provide complete Set-up and Bump-out services.

Giant inflatable bottles,
beverage and Kiosks

The three-dimensional nature of inflatable bottles or beverage replicas makes them a perfect, versatile marketing tool to be used in various environments all year round.

Take a giant inflatables advertising product to your next event for maximum impact and brand exposure.

  • Grand openings
  • Company events
  • Music festivals
  • Trade shows and exhibitions
  • Sponsored events
  • Shopping malls
  • Instore brand promotions
  • Community events
  • Brand Activations

Giant Inflatable Snorkeler

Giant Inflatables worked with Black Raven Media of Brisbane to create a giant inflatable snorkeler that cruised around Sydney Harbour in November of 2020 to promote tourism in Queensland.

Giant Inflatables setup and bumpout services

We're at your and your client's service.

Consider our after-sales service options, tailored especially for our clients in the marketing sector. 

We’ve accumulated a lot of experience over the years and offer several services to help our customers and your clients get the most out of their giant inflatable advertising products and ensure they are continuously operating at their best in the safest environment.