Giant inflatable bottles and beverage replicas provide an exciting larger-than-life marketing product and brand activation opportunity.

Giant inflatable bottles are a perfect marketing tool for many events and promotional opportunities.

Whether launching a new product, rebranding or rejuvenating a known brand, giant replica bottles or inflatable kiosks offer the prospect of dominating the visual space and increasing your brand’s presence.

The three-dimensional nature of inflatable bottles or beverage replicas makes them a perfect, versatile marketing tool to be used in various environments all year round. Public or private locations with foot traffic or a congregation of people provide an ideal spot to garner public attention for your product or brand.

Giant inflatable replicas are useful year round at a variety of events.

  • Shopping malls
  • Sporting events
  • Public markets
  • Outdoor food festivals
  • Music festivals
  • Grocery stores

Inflatable bottle and beverage kiosks

Any inflatable bottle, beverage or replica can be designed to serve as a self-contained kiosk.

Inflatable bottles and beverage kiosks turbo charge your marketing efforts by providing visual marketing, brand activation and functionality.

Used by many brands, inflatable kiosks provide an attractive, attention-getting marketing opportunity in many environments where products can be sampled or sold with a significant brand activation impact.

As they are attractive and self-contained, the overall reduced footprint of an inflatable kiosk makes them a stunning addition for many event organizers.

Inflatable bottles and beverage replicas can be set up in minutes and require very little staffing.
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