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Repairs, Maintenance
and Re-certification of your
Giant Inflatable Product

Giant Inflatables setup and bumpout services

Giant Inflatables provides Repairs, Maintenance and Certification services to lengthen the life of your inflatable product and ensure the safety of your visitors and participants.

With normal use and the proper care, you can expect your Giant Inflatable product to provide five to ten years of service. That said, adequate care can include periodic minor repairs and thorough yearly servicing to ensure the ongoing integrity of the inflatable product. 

Often performed yearly, proper maintenance provides you with the peace of mind that your inflatable product is always looking and performing at its best, offering the best brand impression possible throughout the life of the inflatable product.


Municipalities, event venues, and public spaces require your giant inflatable product to be regularly certified for insurance and public safety assurance. 

Giant inflatables will thoroughly inspect and pressure test your inflatable to verify it is in perfect working order and functioning as it first left our Braeside warehouse. 

Once we have completed our inspection and performed any necessary repairs, we will provide you with the required certificates for operating your inflatable product in public.

Giant Inflatables setup and bumpout services

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