We're looking forward to creating the best giant inflatable product to meet your needs and enchant your target audience.

Creating your Giant Inflatable Product

Working with Giant Inflatables, every product that leaves our Braeside (Melbourne) facility is custom fabricated to meet the unique needs of our customers.

We take three main steps to ensure our customers are informed about our products, including the inflatable options, possibilities, and limitations.

We carefully consider every detail, including marketing, target demographic, intended activity, event type and foot traffic throughout the fabrication process.

It all starts with a phone call; the discovery process

Once we have received your online request, we’ll speak on the telephone to discuss your giant inflatable needs, and our team will walk you through the conception and development process.

We’ll discuss your branding needs, custom design options, delivery timelines, and other details that factor into custom fabricating the best giant inflatable available in Australia.

At this time, we’ll also determine where you are in the buying process and whether you have a specific event date in mind or are in the preliminary stages of collecting information for a marketing proposal*.

Design process

At this point, we’ve mutually agreed on a budget and are excited to get started in the design process.

Our industrial design engineers are putting our ideas to work. We’re employing 25-years of experience in your design, carefully choosing the appropriate materials, construction techniques and printing processes for your giant inflatable. We’re creating the three-dimensional structure and engineering plans integrating your logos and brand colours while employing your branding standards.

We’ll send you a hard-copy presentation* for your approval, including a precise, scaled, three-dimensional rendering of the finished product and a detailed quote, complete with a firm delivery timeline.

We’ll likely have a follow-up conversation to discuss any alterations you might have.

Fabrication and printing process

It’s all hands on deck, and we’re fabricating your inflatable precisely to the required specifications. We’ll keep you up to date on the progress.

Once finished, every aspect, from the construction to the printing of your giant inflatable, is controlled and pressure tested. We ensure every detail meets the highest construction and safety standards. We accord the appropriate certifications and put our name on it**


If you are not taking advantage of our Set-up and Bump-out services for your first event, we prepare your inflatable for shipping anywhere in Australia or worldwide.

Your authentic, certified giant inflatable product leaves our facility and is ready to enchant, entertain, or brand activate your fans, target audience or guests.

Giant Inflatables setup and bumpout services

Small Print

*Creating Marketing Proposals – We often provide marketing agencies with detailed three-dimensional renderings of our Giant Inflatable Products to pitch or present to potential clients for marketing events. 

These custom renderings, which require company logos and branding guidelines, necessitate engineering and design resources, and we charge a nominal fee for these services. We credit these non-refundable design fees will towards the final accepted contract.

*Hard-copy presentation policy – We provide hard-copy, branded visual presentations to showcase upcoming projects and project approval. This policy protects our engineering and design intellectual property.

**Genuine Giant Inflatables Products – We design and fabricate our inflatables using the highest quality materials and industry-standard construction techniques. Look for our logo to ensure your inflatable has the necessary construction and operational compliance certificates.

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