Giant Inflatable Set-up and Bump-Out Services

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Setup and Bump-out Services

Giant Inflatable setup and bump out services allow you to focus all your attention and energy on providing the best brand experience to your target audience while leaving the heavy lifting to us.

As an owner of a Giant Inflatable product, you have one of the most outstanding brand activation and marketing devices available today.

Although giant inflatable products are uncomplicated to set up and bump out, sometimes you don’t have the time, transportation, human resources or motivation to arrive hours before the event to set up the inflatable properly.

The same is true for correctly deflating and tending to the proper storage of the inflatable after a busy event.

These two factors can decrease the number of times your inflatable is present at important events and marketing opportunities, reducing your return on investment.

Giant inflatables offer a complete Australia-wide setup and bump-out service for our clients. We will pick up your giant inflatable from your / our storage facility, deliver it to the event, set it up and ensure it is in perfect working order. Once your team has arrived, everything will be set up and ready to greet your target audience.

At the end of your event, our team will show up to deflate your giant inflatable, pack it up correctly and deliver it back to your / our storage facility, ready for the next event.

When using our Setup and Bump-out services, you can focus all your energy on providing your target audience with a long-lasting brand impression while leaving all the heavy lifting to us.

The extra care and attention we provide during setup, bump-out, and storage processes will increase your giant inflatables life, and further protect your investment.

Giant Inflatables setup and bumpout services

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