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Inflatable Tents, Shelters and Domes

Inflatable tents, shelters and domes provide excellent protection against the elements and an unparalleled branding opportunity.

There are as many different uses for inflatable tents, shelters, and domes as models, designs, and variations to choose from.

Virtually every event, trade show, outdoor market, or sports event requires a shelter of one form or another.

Depending on the environment, the purpose of the tent, shelter or dome can vary from registering attendees and providing refreshments to promoting brands, products or services all while providing relief from the elements or delivering medical attention.

Whatever utility purpose the temporary shelter fills, it also serves as an ideal branding medium. Many companies, organizations, and national brands seize the opportunity to increase their exposure at events by choosing an inflatable tent, shelter or dome.

Inflatables send a more powerful message than their flimsy, awkward pop-up marquee counterparts.

Every aspect of the inflatable tent, shelter or dome structure is aesthetically pleasing and pushes toward a positive branding objective. The naturally bold look of inflatable tents, shelters and domes exudes audacious confidence in your brand. This confidence is disseminated to the employees or volunteers representing your label or cause, resulting in palpable energy, enthusiasm, and positive vibes associated with your brand. Savvy marketing professionals know the value of this association.
Giant Inflatable tents, shelters and domes are custom designed
The giant Inflatable design team will be happy to walk you through the many custom branding options available to ensure your brand is front and centre at your next event.

Inflatable tents are attractive from every perspective

Our tents and shelters have no unsightly, unstable metal poles to hide or secure. They are easier to set up and require less human resources than folding marquees. You can use your branded inflatable tent year-round, and they look great indoors and out. They are convenient when unexpected opportunities present themselves for you to showcase your brand.

Customer Spotlight

Good Drinks Australia is one of Australia’s largest independent brewers.

Home to several beer and drink brands, the Good Drinks family includes Gage Roads Brew Co, Matso’s Broome Brewery, Atomic Beer Project, Alby, and Hello Sunshine, as well as international brands such as San Miguel, Miller, Coors and Magners Irish Cider.

Inflatable domes provide a dramatic backdrop

Often used for outdoor theatre productions, concerts and parties, inflatable domes can provide shelter for the performers and the audience.

Inflatable shelters and domes can offer an excellent tableau for lighting and special effect technicians as they can provide a white base which will absorb any colour projected. They can also be digitally projected from the interior or exterior, creating infinite possibilities for the visual stage productions inside and out.

Play Video about Depending on the length of the tunnel, they also provide a moment of transition between two environments, increasing the impact of the event itself.

Inflatable Music Festival Domes

Inflatable music festival shelters are an excellent place for festival participants to break from the party. A calm place to cool down and relax can be a welcome moment for weary partygoers.

Many festival organizers use inflatable domes to provide water, calming music and, in some cases, light medical treatment.

Our inflatable domes can be custom printed to accommodate sponsorship recognition and brand activation initiatives.

Inflatable Environmental Shelters

Giant Inflatables designs and fabricates environmentally controlled shelters to provide protection and a break from the elements.

Custom-designed, our temporary shelters can be adapted to your needs. Whether the climate is hot or cold, the refuges can be equipped with the appropriate air conditioning and amenities to provide you with your desired comforts and respite from the elements.

The Giant Inflatable Environmental Shelter was widely used at the Burning Man Project
Participants used the patented Giant Inflatable Environmental Shelters during the iconic Burning Man Project to provide a private, refreshing respite from the festival activities.

Inflatable Tents, Shelters and domes add value to:

  • Trade shows and conventions
  • Community markets and events
  • Outdoor events
  • Concerts
  • Beverage brand activation
  • Shopping malls
  • Outdoor theatre productions
  • Music festivals
  • Public markets
  • Movie production
  • Local clubs
  • Sporting events
Giant Inflatables creates inflatable games, arches and shelters for Australia's biggest brands

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