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Inflatable Branded Superdome

Good Drinks Australia

Australia Wide


Inflatable Branded Superdome


Good Drinks Australia


Australia Wide

An Inflatable Superdome is an effective inflatable advertising product and offers an abundance of year-round marketing opportunities.

Good Drinks Australia is one of Australia’s largest independent brewers.

Home to several beer and drink brands, the Good Drinks family includes Gage Roads Brew Co, Matso’s Broome Brewery, Atomic Beer Project, Alby, and Hello Sunshine, as well as international brands such as San Miguel, Miller, Coors and Magners Irish Cider.

To celebrate the brewery’s latest beer launch, Rider Beer, the Marketing team at Good Drinks contacted the design team at Giant Inflatables to create a Rider Beer Superdome to be featured at various music festivals and events to happen in the Spring and Summer of 2023.

The Good Drinks Marketing team contacted Giant Inflatables to create two twelve-meter inflatable superdomes, which would debut at four music festivals held in the Spring of 2023.

The Inflatable Superdomes embody the Rider Beer Brand Identity and provide a visual centrepiece during the festivities. The inflatables would need to be easily set up and taken down and withstand wind speeds up to 65 km per hour.

The Design and Fabrication

The twelve-meter inflatable air-framed dome structure was a natural choice for the inflatable structure as it can be positioned anywhere on the site and dominates the sightline. There is no front, back, or sides, which invites people from all sides and eliminates congestion at entry points. 

Each of the structure’s legs was held down with the appropriate weight, which held the lighting, which enhanced the vibrant ambience during the evening.

The natural ten-sided web structure of the Superdome is a marketeer’s dream as it allows for seamless branding and messaging in a perfectly symmetrical fashion.

The iconic Rider Beer’s “Eye” was positioned in the centre of the top of the dome, offering exceptional brand recognition opportunities for photos and videos captured from heights, creating dramatic visual marketing opportunities in urban and suburban environments.

The Results

The inflatable Superdome offered an inside area of 78 square meters, which, in this configuration, housed a Bar, DJ setup, and room for 40-50 people to gather and dance.

Both Superdomes made their way quickly from Brisbane to Melbourne and Sydney to Perth to dominate the four Listen Out 2023 Music Festivals. The seamless set-up and take-down process took less than an hour.

Good Drinks has further ordered additional inflatable advertising products to complement its marketing arsenal for the Spring/Summer – 2023 / 2024.

Inflatable Superdome
The inflatable superdome was just as effective in the evening as the daytime with the addition of lighting.
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