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The Inflatable Superdome provides a versatile branded exposition venue.




Inflatable Superdome

Ready, Set, Go / Shell Australia

Australia Wide


Inflatable Superdome


Ready, Set, Go / Shell Australia


Australia Wide


Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies that aims to meet the world’s growing need for more and cleaner energy solutions.

With considerable international involvement with motorsports, they find success in marketing within the motorsport industry, from grassroots sponsorships to Formula One.

In 2009 Ready, Set, Go approached Giant Inflatables on behalf of Shell to create a large, portable structure that could house their brand activation and display area that would travel across Australia to all significant motorsport and entertainment events.

Design and Fabrication

We created an inflatable Superdome shelter twelve meters in diameter that offered 113 square meters of exhibition space. The Superdome was the perfect answer to the portability and setup challenges.

The inflatable structure could be transported on a single pallet across the country and be set up in an hour.

Once inflated, the cavernous space of the Superdome allowed for additional structures such as stages, lighting and rigging to be erected within.

To be as versatile as possible, the Shell Superdome was designed with removable zippered wall sections to compartmentalize sections if necessary, and the roof is completely removable.

These features allow for multiple uses and layouts and make the structure suitably enclosed during wet weather. The entire structure can be re-skinned for future events.

We used the tried and tested Superdome architecture, which consists of an inflatable frame covered with a skin, so the design process focused mainly on the graphical layout of the inflatable and brand identity.

After numerous variations on colour and branding options, the stakeholders chose the classic shell red to cover the entire inflatable, coupled with large branding areas spread across the skin.

The Results

Overcoming portability and setup hurdles, Giant Inflatables’ innovative 12-meter diameter inflatable Superdome shelter provides a versatile 113-square meter exhibition space. This remarkable structure transcends limitations – it can be transported on a single pallet and inflated in just one hour, ready to host your event.

The cavernous interior offers ample room for additional structures like stages, lighting, and rigging, while removable zippered wall sections allow for flexible compartmentalization. Complete roof removal adds another layer of adaptability. This weatherproof Superdome can be entirely re-skinned for future events, ensuring long-lasting impact and maximum return on investment.

Building upon Giant Inflatables’ proven Superdome architecture, the design process focused on crafting a visually impactful solution. After exploring various color and branding options, stakeholders opted for a classic red shell adorned with prominent branding areas, creating a high-impact exhibition space that commands attention.

After successfully debuting at the 2009 Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne, the Shell Superdome would make its way around Australia, touring with the live Top Gear show.
After successfully debuting at the 2009 Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne, the Shell Superdome would make its way around Australia, touring with the live Top Gear show.
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