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Giant Inflatable Helmet attracts thousands to the MCG during World Cup.




Giant Inflatable Display

TLA Worldwide

Melbourne, Australia


Giant Inflatable Display


TLA Worldwide


Melbourne, Australia


The prestigious ICC T20 Cricket World Cup embarks on a global journey every two years, captivating audiences with its electrifying matches. In 2020, the spotlight shined on Melbourne, Australia, as the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) geared up to host this high-profile international event. Expected to draw thousands of local and international cricket enthusiasts, the MCG grounds were poised to transform into a vibrant festival atmosphere, brimming with activities and captivating décor.

The week-long extravaganza promised not just thrilling on-field action but also a public-facing event zone within the MCG parklands. This free-to-enter space offered a unique opportunity for both cricket fans and the general public to immerse themselves in the World Cup experience. For brands seeking to connect with this diverse audience, securing event plots within the MCG became a coveted opportunity to maximize their reach during this global sporting spectacle.

The Design and Fabrication

Standing tall as the centerpiece of the 2020 Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Cricket World Cup festivities, the Giant Inflatable Helmet was a true showstopper. This colossal inflatable, reaching an impressive 10 meters in height, was not just big; it was meticulously designed to grab attention.

A key challenge arose in balancing visual impact with structural integrity. The client desired a reflective chrome material to create a distinctive aesthetic and attract visitors. However, this material lacked the necessary structural certifications. Giant Inflatables rose to the occasion with a highly technical solution. They engineered a robust internal bladder structure from heavy-duty materials, ensuring safety and stability. This internal structure then became the canvas for the desired reflective chrome coating, achieving the coveted visual effect without compromising safety.

The Results

Giant Inflatables’ colossal 10-meter inflatable cricket helmet proved to be a winning formula at the 2020 Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Cricket World Cup. This towering centerpiece successfully drew the attention of the general public, significantly boosting attendance within the park grounds. Its undeniable visual impact not only attracted crowds but also sparked social media buzz and extensive news coverage, further amplifying the World Cup experience.

The project’s success paved the way for a follow-up collaboration. Impressed by the helmet’s impact, organizers awarded Giant Inflatables a subsequent contract to create a companion inflatable for the upcoming men’s Cricket World Cup. While this event was ultimately cancelled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the initial success of the inflatable helmet solidified Giant Inflatables’ reputation for delivering creative and impactful large-scale inflatables.

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