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Case study

Inflatable Rooftop Advertising in the form of a wallaby dominates the skyline




Inflatable Replica Kangaroo

Wallaby Storage

Moorabin, Victoria


Inflatable Replica Kangaroo


Wallaby Storage


Moorabin, Victoria

The towering presence and eye-catching appeal of rooftop advertising distinguish businesses in crowded landscapes and enhance brand recognition.

Inflatable rooftop advertising products capture the attention of drive-by traffic with their vibrant designs and messaging strategically positioned atop buildings for maximum visibility. Their towering presence and eye-catching appeal distinguish businesses in crowded landscapes, enhancing brand recognition and attracting potential customers. With their ability to command attention from afar, rooftop inflatables elevate a business’s visibility and leave a lasting impression on passing motorists.

Wallaby Storage is a self-storage facility located in Moorabbin along Cochranes Road. This semi-industrial area comprises kilometers of two-story buildings that trade in everything from lumber and building supplies to home furnishings and office buildings.

The Design and Fabrication

The Wallaby Storage logo left little doubt about the form of the inflatable advertising product. The orange wallaby on the logo and the matching orange features on the building dictated that the inflatable structure would be a giant orange wallaby.

With wind speeds in mind, the design crew went to work creating an inflatable that was the optimal size for the environment and choosing the most robust commercial-grade PVC materials available to create an original, captivating rooftop advertising feature that would withstand the elements.

The Results

The towering six-meter, three-dimensional wallaby stands tall on top of the Wallaby Storages facility and can be seen for kilometers. It is a perfect rendition of their logo and PMS Colour, which matches their branding collateral and building, creating a cohesive brand impression for all that pass. The attention to detail and commitment to quality resulted in an original, captivating rooftop advertising feature that would withstand the elements and create a longstanding landmark.

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