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Case study

KIIS FM Inflatable Logo significantly impacts radio station rebranding process.




Inflatable Logo

KIIS – Australian Radio Network (ARN)

Australia Wide


Inflatable Logo


KIIS – Australian Radio Network (ARN)


Australia Wide

KIIS FM's inflatable logo takes things to a whole new level. This isn't just a giant version of their iconic lips logo, it's a game-changer for their brand awareness strategy.

KIIS FM is one of Australia’s most popular radio stations, playing music and talk radio shows 24/7 around the country. As with many popular stations in Australia, marketing is an essential aspect of their business and one of the most vital elements in bringing in new listeners.

At the end of 2014, KIIS rebranded from “MIX FM” and began a marketing push to create brand awareness for the re-vamped brand.

In 2016 ARN approached Giant Inflatables to help create portable branding assets to be displayed at regularly sponsored events around the country to help bring brand awareness to their recently rebranded name and logo.

The radio station sponsors dozens of events around Australia each year; therefore, the task was to create an unmissable, highly recognizable brand icon that could be put on display, then quickly packed away and moved to the next event easily.

The Design and Fabrication

Our design team “hit the nail on the head” with the initial concept of the now highly recognizable KIIS Lips Logo. The inflatable is a 3D facsimile of the iconic logo featuring PMS-matched brand colours and typography to increase and maintain brand identity.

Additionally, internal lighting was added to the inflatable, which increased visibility during nighttime events, increased the wow factor, and imprinted the logo into the memory of eventgoers.

The inflatable weighed only 30kg and was designed to easily fit into the back of a small vehicle allowing it to be transported by any vehicle. Once on location, the small package is rolled out and plugged in, and the 4m high inflatable is displayed proudly, standing above any crowd.

The design process was easy and efficient, with a clear and straightforward brief. The main element of the design was a clear representation of the KIIS Lips logo.

As with any design that does not have a naturally flat bottom, extra consideration was about how the logo could be stabilized when inflated.

The chosen design featured an understated inflatable plinth allowing the logo to sit flat on the ground, adding stability and creating a safer, easier-to-use product.

We chose the final product’s overall height of 4m as it found the perfect balance between mobility and impact. The KIIS inflatable is large enough when inflated to rise above a crowd and be seen from a distance while remaining portable and transport friendly.

The Results

The inflatable KIIS Lips logo was incredibly well received by ARN, who highlighted its impressive ease of use and its significant impact. After the success of the first inflatable, ARN proceeded to place two additional orders of multiple logo variations: An additional unit featuring the KIIS frequency in other states and another pride-themed logo.

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