We build extraordinary inflatables for those situations where ordinary just won't do.

Custom-designed Inflatable products are a perfect option when you need to make an enormous three dimensional impact.

Event organizers, musicians, stage decorators, and marketing agencies have been calling on the designers of the Giant Inflatable Team for over two decades. They have come to rely upon our team to provide the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to produce the beautiful giant inflatable props that adorn sports stadiums, rock concerts, municipalities, theatres and television productions, and large scale events.

Our engineers have had the privilege of designing larger-than-life and never-seen-before props and stage decorations for some of Australia’s most iconic events.

When you need to turn your wildest, most ambitious visions into a reality, contact the experienced team at Giant Inflatables. 

Useful year round at a variety of events

  • Municipalities and tourism agencies
  • Concerts and music festivals
  • Theatre productions
  • Commercial promotions
  • Large scale promotions and marketing initiatives
  • Shopping centres
When you need to turn your wildest, most ambitious visions into a reality, contact the experienced team at Giant Inflatables. We’re always up for the challenge.

Voluminous stadium props

Katy Perry’s stage production team called on Giant inflatables to produce these love equals peace message for her Australian tour.

Giant inflatable symbols were a perfect solution as they are voluminous and provide equal three-dimensional decorating qualities for her central stage stadium configuration.

We're only limited by our imagination

Whether your project is commercial or artistic, our team at Giant Inflatables has the experience and the expertise to handle even the most audacious projects.

Endless possibilities
Giant Inflatables setup and bumpout services

We're at your and your client's service.

Consider our after-sales service options, tailored especially for our clients in the marketing sector. 

We’ve accumulated a lot of experience over the years and offer several services to help our customers and your clients get the most out of their giant inflatable advertising products and ensure they are continuously operating at their best in the safest environment.