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Inflatable Multi-sport Skill Zone




Inflatable Multi-sport Skill Zone

Ball Park (SEN) for Red Energy

Melbourne, Australia


Inflatable Multi-sport Skill Zone


Ball Park (SEN) for Red Energy


Melbourne, Australia

The inflatable multi-sport skill zone is well-used year-round and is a welcomed, prominent addition at various sporting events and clinics.

The inflatable multi-sport skill zone is a two-sided sports activity centre themed to match the skills development appropriate for multiple sports. It includes games like soccer, rugby, cricket and basketball, allowing participants to engage in various sports throughout the year. This popular inflatable sports game can activate up to ten youths simultaneously, allowing two groups to focus on up to two game activities at the same time.

The structure is almost six metres high and seven metres wide and, when fabricated using PMS brand colour matching, creates a visually imposing 360-degree brand impression. This inflatable sports game is a favourite among corporate sponsors who want to develop and maintain a positive multi-generational brand association with healthy physical activity.

Red Energy is an Australian-owned and operated company owned by Snowy Hydro Limited, which produces approximately 75% of the National Electricity Market’s renewable energy. As an Australian-owned company, it heavily supports Australian sports of all disciplines and levels, and community engagement is at the forefront of its objectives.

Red Energy was looking for a brand activation device that could be easily set up at myriad sports events and clinics throughout the year, as it supports multiple sports disciplines in various venues and community events.

The Design and Fabrication

The team at Giant Inflatables fabricated the multi-sport skill zone using Red Energy’s brand colours and printed the logo prominently at the top and base of the structure. They designed the individual games to be interchangeable and created four themes, AFL, basketball, rugby and cricket, to accommodate all these sports throughout Australia’s busy sporting year.

The Result

The inflatable multi-sport skill zone is well-used year-round. It is a welcomed, prominent addition at various sporting events and clinics, highlighting Red Energy’s commitment to Australia’s sporting community.

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