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Football Victoria’s Inflatable Soccer Target Enclosure




Inflatable Event Activation

Football Victoria



Inflatable Event Activation


Football Victoria




The South Australian Tourism Commission’s (SATC) giant inflatable soccer balls, created by Giant Inflatables, captivated audiences during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The 8-meter showstopper in Victoria Square became a must-see attraction for tourists, generating excitement for Adelaide-based matches until its mid-August removal following the tournament’s conclusion.

However, the impact extends beyond the World Cup itself. The 4-meter ball secured a permanent position at Hindmarsh Stadium, becoming a constant fixture for all future FIFA events. This strategic placement ensures ongoing brand awareness and a platform to educate visitors about South Australia’s diverse tourism offerings, maximizing the return on investment for the inflatable and furthering SATC’s long-term promotional goals.

The Design and Fabrication

Standing out amidst the crowd can be a challenge, especially at sporting events. To create a memorable and interactive experience for their target audience, Football Victoria partnered with Giant Inflatables to design and fabricate a custom “Mini Soccer Enclosure.”

Inspired by traditional soccer target structures, this inflatable boasts a compact footprint when packaged for easy transport, making it ideal for various event settings. Yet, once inflated, it transforms into a 2.5-meter-wide and 2.5-meter-high engaging attraction, sure to draw in the desired demographic.

Football Victoria’s branding takes center stage with vibrant, digitally printed graphics featuring their logos, text assets, and a themed target screen. To maximize flexibility, the inflatable utilizes an “inflate-and-seal” inflation type, allowing for operation even in locations with limited power.

For enhanced control and a streamlined experience, the Mini Target Enclosure features side walls and a roof, ensuring balls stay contained within the designated play area. This eliminates the need to chase after runaway balls, making activations more efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Through collaborative design discussions, the Mini Target Enclosure emerged as the perfect solution for Football Victoria. Its compact size allows for convenient transportation, while the enclosed play area maintains the fun factor without sacrificing ball control.

Following the provision of brand guidelines and individual branding assets from Football Victoria, a few minor revisions were implemented, leading to final production approval.

The Results

Football Victoria’s strategic partnership with Giant Inflatables has proven to be a winning play. The custom-designed Mini Target Enclosure has been on a victory lap across the state for over a year, effectively spreading awareness of Football Victoria’s programs and promoting an active lifestyle to children and young adults. This engaging inflatable has become a popular fixture at various events, fostering a love for the sport and encouraging participation within the target demographic.

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