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Inflatable Cricket Skill Zone ignites children’s passion for Cricket Australia




Giant Cricket Playground

SEDA Activate

Victoria, Australia


Giant Cricket Playground


SEDA Activate


Victoria, Australia


SEDA Activate specializes in organizing inflatable events, activations, and fan engagements. They hire a fleet of sports-themed inflatables and provide brand ambassadors and staffing to run them, making inflatables more accessible. SEDA Activate has been a long-time client of Giant Inflatables, collaborating on dozens of projects.

The Design and Fabrication

SEDA Activate approached Giant Inflatables with the idea of creating a travelling cricket inflatable roadshow in collaboration with Cricket Australia. SEDA Activate planned to have a single inflatable that would serve as a multi-functional game while fitting within a budget approved by Cricket Australia. The goal was to introduce children to cricket and encourage them to get involved in the sport.

Giant Inflatables worked with Cricket Australia and SEDA Activate to tailor the game to focus on the skills and fun of cricket. The result was a single inflatable multi-activity powered by a single fan for simplicity and ease of use. The Cricket Skill Zone inflatable included cricket nets, classic catches, diving games, batting practice, and target screens in one unit. It featured vibrant logos and artwork for a strong brand identity.

Many iterations with different game combinations were assessed, revised and adjusted during the design process until the design represented the sport the best and showcased a range of skills. The inflatable was designed to be fun and educational, introducing children to the skills needed to play cricket.

The Results

Since 2019, school children have been brought in on school programs to participate in the cricket skill zone.

Feedback from SEDA Activate indicates the cricket inflatable was a pleasure to set up and use. The schools are continually impressed by the creative way of engaging with kids and promoting a healthy lifestyle and hobbies.

Children got a taste of cricket and left with a new passion or willingness to engage in afterschool programs run by Cricket Australia.

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