Case Study:

TLA Worldwide
for Kayo Sports

CLIENT: TLA Worldwide
for Kayo Sports

LOCATION: Australia-wide

Inflatable dartboard provides brand activation throughout Australia.

The Giant Inflatable Dartboard brand activation provides maximum return on investment as advertisers can use it for various sports and game day environments.


TLA is a leading sports marketing agency connecting sporting bodies, brands and fans. Their expertise includes talent management, digital and broadcast media, infrastructure, technology and game day operations.

TLA creates and executes sporting solutions that leverage the sporting ecosystem and are there at every moment of the fan journey, including
merchandising, event management and brand activations, public relations, marketing and communications.


In March 2021, TLA reached out to Giant Inflatables to collaborate on an upcoming project. Through their work with Kayo, the Australian sports streaming service, the need arose for an interactive travelling brand activation that could be used for sponsored events around Australia.

Kayo hosts a wide range of sports. Therefore, the inflatable needed to adapt to as many sports as possible rather than specific to any game.

Creative Process:

The final product was a four-meter-high velcro dartboard. We decided on a dartboard as it allowed Kayo to cater to many different games, including soccer, cricket, AFL, rugby, basketball, tennis, and golf.

They only had to change the ball style used at the specific event.

We digitally printed the dartboard in the brand colours of Kayo to maintain a strong brand identity, creating strong positive associations with the brand and its streaming services.

Design Process:

There are many inflatable dartboard sizes and style options.

We decided on the four-meter option for its balance between visual impact and portability.

At four meters high, it easily stands above a crowd while still being small enough to pack into a small bag for transport across the country.

Kayo’s solid visual identity was easily incorporated into the design, featuring large logos and plenty of brand colours. Even the Velcro on the dartboard was consistent with the brand.


The Kayo dartboard has been successfully installed many times at events across the country, from its debut in 2021 to its most recent feature at the ICC T20 world cup in November 2022.

TLA commented on the dartboard’s ease of use and straightforward setup, while Kayo complemented the strong brand cohesion of the inflatable.

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