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Inflatable Safety Training helps companies to attain lower insurance claims.




Inflatable Safety Training




Inflatable Safety Training





Effective workplace safety training helps to prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses by increasing your employees' awareness of potential hazards and how to avoid them. It also ensures that employees have the knowledge and skills to respond appropriately to emergencies and to use necessary safety equipment.

With increasing government oversight and insurance requirements, many inflatables operators are seeking
advancements in Staff Safety Training for the proper usage of inflatables.

While inflatables are very safe in general, there are some aspects of the operation that need to be covered to ensure the inflatables are operating to their certified requirements.

All Giant Inflatables Products are certified to a specific wind rating according to Australian Standards AS 3533.4.1_2018. However, the operator needs to know how to set them up accordingly.

Trained staff can help prevent dangerous situations before they arise by understanding the risks and mitigating factors by following the procedures outlined in the Complete Giant Inflatables Guide. Additionally, officially trained staff can help professional operators attain lower insurance costs.

The Design and Fabrication

AFL Victoria owns many inflatable products they have acquired over ten years of partnership with Giant Inflatables.

In collaboration with their staffing provider SEDA Activate,
they operate AFL inflatables throughout the season. As AFL Victoria aims to improve their ability to manage its inflatables, the need for staff training arose.

Giant Inflatables and SEDA Activate worked together to provide a practical training seminar at the home of St Kilda Football Club for AFL Victoria staff to cover all aspects of operating inflatables.

Upon completing the training seminar, all AFL Victoria staff will safely leave the necessary knowledge to operate inflatables to their specified requirements.

A full-day practical training program was created in partnership with SEDA Activate, covering Manual handling, Introduction to inflatables, Compliance and regulation, understanding the wind and weather, setting up and packing down, additional safety measures, hazard analysis, evacuation procedures and more.

Safety Guide
In addition, Giant Inflatables supplied a complete guide to AFL Victoria and SEDA activate, covering all of the aspects discussed in the training seminar.

This guide allows them to train additional staff in the future, serves as a service log for each inflatable and acts as a single location for all hard copy operational certifications.

The Results

After completing the training seminar, staff members were able to:
Complete a Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)
Read an anemometer (wind speed metre),
Set up inflatables following the Product Compliance Certificates and safely operate their inflatables.

Trained staff can also become the trainers of new staff members
in the future, knowing all aspects of safely operating an inflatable and its hazards.

As an additional benefit, the cost of insurance for AFL Victoria was reduced due to the training.

Inflatable Safety Training keeps everyone safe, prolongs the life of the inflatable structure and can even reduce insurance rates.
Inflatable Safety Training keeps everyone safe, prolongs the life of the inflatable structure and can even reduce insurance rates.
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