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Case study

McDonald’s expands its presence with brand activation inflatable games.




Inflatable Brand Activation inflatable Games

McDonald's Australia / Advertising agency of record



Inflatable Brand Activation inflatable Games


McDonald's Australia / Advertising agency of record



McDonald's, a leader in innovative marketing, once again connect with its target audience recognizing the growing focus on healthy lifestyles.


McDonald’s expands its present as primary sponsor for the AFL.  McDonald’s has always been at the forefront of marketing and branding and constantly discovering new ways to reach, engage, and brand activate its target audience. With an ever-increasing focus on health and lifestyle, McDonald’s has expanded their sponsorships of national and sporting events and funding grassroots programs that help communities stay active.

The Design and Fabrication

The inflatable sports games created by Giant Inflatables maintained a strong brand identity. Our in-house designers integrated the McDonald’s brand with the exciting AFL inflatables, which encouraged kids to participate, engage, and activate. The custom AFL Mini-Goals and Handball Targets could be inflated and set up in minutes by a promotional team. These vibrant and impactful inflatables proved to be a hit with kids of all ages, encouraging them to get active and try their best to kick for six and hit the target.

Our design team developed McDonald’s Custom Soccer Goals with a modular McDonalds’ Arch, focusing strongly on brand awareness. With a double purpose, the iconic M Arch could be attached to the goals as a target challenge or used separately as a static and instantly recognizable advertisement. Once again, this soccer activation was a hit with kids of all ages who put their best foot forward in this interactive inflatable game.

The Results

Giant Inflatables’ experience in sports education and collaboration with leading organizations shone through in their creation of engaging AFL-themed inflatables for McDonald’s, a major AFL sponsor. Understanding kids’ love for kicking and aiming, they developed two inflatables: Mini-Goals for kicking practice and Handball Targets for target practice. Giant Inflatables’ in-house designers seamlessly integrated McDonald’s branding with the exciting AFL inflatables, encouraging participation and brand activation. These custom, inflatable games, featuring easy setup and vibrant designs, proved to be a hit with kids, promoting physical activity and igniting their competitive spirit. The success of the AFL inflatables paved the way for a similar collaboration with McDonald’s for A-League Soccer. Following the same brief, Giant Inflatables designed custom Soccer Goals with a modular McDonald’s Arch, emphasizing brand awareness. The iconic M Arch served a dual purpose: attachable as a target challenge or a standalone, instantly recognizable advertisement.

Giant Inflatables creates inflatable games, arches and shelters for Australia's biggest brands

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