Case Study:

SEDA Activate Inflatable Multisports Games

CLIENT: SEDA Activate Inflatable Multisports Games

LOCATION: Victoria, Australia

Inflatable Multisports Games engage children in different sports.


SEDA Activate run inflatable events, activations and fan engagements with a fleet of sports-themed inflatables. They not only hire the inflatables but provide brand ambassadors and staffing to run them, making inflatables more accessible.


SEDA Activate, a long-time client of Giant Inflatables, successfully pitched the idea of travelling sports inflatables roadshows to the main sporting bodies in Australia.

With Cricket, AFL, Basketball, Netball and Soccer organizations on board, SEDA briefed us on the concept:

– Each sport was to have one inflatable that would serve as a multi-functional game, meaning they could set up a single unit for each while still being able to run simultaneous activities at each sports station.

– This new suite of inflatables aims to introduce children to a wide range of sports and help encourage them to get involved with sports.

– Each unit was to fit within a budget approved by the sporting boards.

Creative Process:

For each sport, a single inflatable multi-activity was made, each powered by a single fan for simplicity and ease of use.

Cricket: The cricket multiport Inflatable combined Cricket Nets, Classic Catches Diving Game, Batting Practice, and target screens.

AFL: The AFL Multisport Inflatable combined Mark Training, AFL Goals and targets.

Basketball: The Basketball Multisport Inflatable combined a double-lane dunking activity on the back and a double-lane arcade on the front.

Netball: The Netball Multisport Inflatable combined a shooting arcade and targets with mobility and agility.

Soccer: The Soccer Multisport activity combined a street soccer enclosure with a soccer dartboard.

Design Process:

Each sporting code board worked directly with giant inflatables to tailor their games to focus on the skills and fun.

Working collaboratively with each sporting board, Giant Inflatables designed and revised until each board had confirmed which design they thought would represent their sport the best.

Additionally, each sporting code featured brand colours, vibrant logos, and artwork for a strong brand identity.


SEDA Activate launched the Inflatable game project in 2019, and school children were brought in on school programs to have a go on each sporting inflatable.

Children got a taste of each sport and were left with a new passion or willingness to engage in afterschool programs run by each sporting code. The feedback from SEDA was that the inflatables were a pleasure to set up and use, and the schools were impressed by the creative way to engage with kids and promote a healthy lifestyle and hobbies.

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