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Case study

Inflatable Indoor Playground for Science Works




Inflatable Discovery Zone

Melbourne Museum

Melbourne, Australia


Inflatable Discovery Zone


Melbourne Museum


Melbourne, Australia

Inflatable indoor playground are an excellent activation product and can be adapted to any theme or space.

Scienceworks is a popular science and technology museum that features modern interactive exhibitions. The Air Playground Exhibition enticed curious kids, and their families can learn about the science of aerodynamics through experimentation and play.

The curators from Science Works contacted the team at Giant Inflatables to complement their Air Playground Exposition with two feature items.

Feature Wall:
As the feature wall was primarily decorative, Giant Inflatables created the 6.5 meter X 4.2 meter structure using ultralight Oxford cloth. The advantage of lightweight Oxford fabric is the ability to adapt various shapes and forms in great detail. The shapes are designed and fabricated in native fabric colours, creating a bold and impactful feature wall that is perfectly colour-matched and toned to the rest of the exhibition.

The porous nature of the Oxford fabric makes it a perfect printing medium, resulting in crisp, bold lettering that integrates perfectly with the look and feel of the feature piece.

Entrance Decoration:
When entering Science Works, visitors enter an enormous, two-story atrium.  Giant Inflatables used the same Oxford Cloth as the feature wall to create two enormous streamers offering a dramatic floor-to-ceiling decoration.

The intertwined nature of the streamers filled the two-story space from a 360-degree perspective, delivering a perfect entrance and exit from the Air Playground Exposition.

The Design and Fabrication

Serving as a visually striking backdrop, Giant Inflatables crafted a 6.5-meter by 4.2-meter feature wall using ultra-lightweight Oxford cloth. This fabric’s key advantage lies in its ability to be molded into intricate shapes while maintaining vibrant colors. Giant Inflatables utilized this benefit to create a feature wall that seamlessly integrates with the overall exhibition aesthetic, showcasing bold lettering and a perfect color match.

To make a lasting first impression, Scienceworks desired a dynamic entrance that reflected the playful spirit of the “Air Playground Exhibition.” Giant Inflatables delivered this vision by crafting two enormous, floor-to-ceiling streamers from the same Oxford cloth used in the feature wall. This lightweight material fostered an immersive atmosphere right from the moment visitors entered the museum.

The Results

The “Air Playground Exhibition” at Scienceworks is a soaring success, thanks in part to the captivating design elements created by Giant Inflatables. These inflatables effectively capture the essence of the exhibition, sparking a sense of wonder and encouraging exploration amongst young visitors.

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