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Case study

Inflatable Misting Tunnels In the form of Beer Cans




Beverage Misting Tunnel

Good Drinks / Matso's Beer

Australia Wide


Beverage Misting Tunnel


Good Drinks / Matso's Beer


Australia Wide

Inflatable misting tunnels can come in many forms, including arches, tunnels, and, in this case, replicas of beer cans.

Good Drinks Australia is one of Australia’s largest independent brewers.

Home to several beer and drink brands, the Good Drinks family includes Gage Roads Brew Co, Matso’s Broome Brewery, Atomic Beer Project, Alby, and Hello Sunshine, as well as international brands such as San Miguel, Miller, Coors and Magners Irish Cider.

Giant Inflatables and Good Dinks have developed a strong relationship and continue collaborating on new and exciting activations to promote their various brands.

The Design and Fabrication

After the successful Rider Beer campaign, Good Drinks contacted Giant Inflatables to work with them on a new, unique activation for Matso’s.

Based in Broome, Matso’s brand is synonymous with warm weather and summer vibes. Good Drinks’ (Matso’s) marketing team and the Giant Inflatables design team capitalised on this theme and developed the misting tunnel centred around Matso’s cans.

The inflatables were to be produced in time for the 2023-24 Summer Season and transported to various sponsored events.

The Matso’s Misting Tunnels consist of four replica Matso’s cans connected to form a tunnel.

The misting system suspended from the inflatable structure provides a constant mist of cool water to attendees, providing a refreshing reprieve from the heat and leaving a positive, long-lasting brand impression.

The structure dominates the sightlines at events, towering over 4m high and covering a 64 square meter area.

It provides a great photo backdrop for social media posts, furthering brand impressions online.

The misting system is removable, which allows Matso to take advantage of brand activation opportunities in the colder months and even use the structure indoors.

The design team engineered the robust ballast system within the cans to not distract from the structure’s aesthetics and to highlight the vibrant branding of the cans.

The result was a clean, inviting structure that withstands winds up to 65/Km/hour.

The Results

Standing over 4 meters tall, the tunnels were a photo magnet, boosting brand awareness online and offline. The removable misting system allows for year-round use, making the Matso’s Misting Tunnels a versatile and impactful marketing tool. This also provides Good Drinks with an impactful brand activation tool that captures the Matso’s brand and can be used year-round at various events.

Inflatable Misting Tunnel
The structure dominates the sightlines at events, towering over 4m high and covering a 64 square meter area.
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